Top 10 Things You Missed in Wednesday

Top 10 Things You Missed in Wednesday

Wednesday is one of the very well known and new series recently released on Netflix. It became very popular in a few hours and now it's popping up everywhere.
The story is very interesting and is based on the Adams family which you may already know from earlier episodes. However, a lot has happened in this series and you might have missed a lot.
And so we're going to show you right here if you noticed or if you just missed something and that's why you weren't sure either.

Dance Lineage

At one point, Wednesday shows us how she can shine on the dance floor, showing us her personality.
It's a moment that almost everyone remembers from the film, and its significance is just how weird and wonderful her personality is. It's so easy to see from Wednesday's movements what she's really like.

Family Legacy

Earlier, her mother and father had also shown up at Nevermore Academy. However, the headmistress also still remembers the way things were in their time.
Ophelia also appears there, who is also found in various Shakespearean works. But it is in the very old works of the Adams family that Ophelia appears and in different situations. This is what Wednesday talks about with the Principal, when she arrives at Nevermore Academy.

The Origin Of Wednesday

What Wednesday's mother says when her name is introduced is what inspired Charles Adams. He can tell you more about it in the video.


Wednesday may seem at first glance like she can't shoot a bow at all, but then you will see how amazingly she can shoot down various moving targets.
This is shown in the earlier episodes of The Adams Family where she is seen learning and practicing archery.

Snack Time

In the earlier episodes it is shown just what various nastiness was on the Adams family's menu and this is then also answered in the new series.

Problem with The Pilgrims

So throughout the series, Wednesday shows us how much she actually hates the Pilgrims and she also shows that very much to the public and beyond. And this is just to show how important the truth is to Wednesday and that she can never do without it.
However, if you are interested in more, be sure to watch the video as it is very difficult to describe. These scenes are so unique that it is not so easy to describe what actually happens there so that you can also connect it with the picture.
So the video will show you exactly at each point what you might not have noticed and what the significance really is.
There are also a variety of hidden patterns that just appear in the background, and so you can also recognize various hints from earlier episodes or hints at various people who may have appeared in earlier episodes.
So be sure to watch the video so you know exactly what moments in the show they appear and what we can actually tell you all about them.

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