9 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power

9 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power

The human brain is one of the most complex and fascinating organs in the human body. It is responsible for a lot of crucial functions in a human being. Interestingly, there are over 86 billion neurons, 2.5 million gigabytes of storage, and over 50,000 thoughts per day in the human brain, but much more interesting is the fact that you can still increase your brain power to go beyond this.

The question now is how is that possible? Well, here are 9 ways that you can better your intellect and improve your brain power.

1.Chronic Lack of Sleep Worsens Memory:
The University of California at Berkeley scientists have discovered proof that a lack of sleep can worsen memory, causing dementia. Lack of sleep denies the brain from its routine of removing toxic compounds dangerous to our brain.

You’d probably notice that sometimes, when you don’t get enough sleep, you become slow at understanding and processing things, your brain begins to shut down. That’s because your brain cells are tired and fagged out and haven’t gotten time to regenerate. So of course it goes without saying that you get adequate sleep.

2.Prolonged Stress Destroys the Brain:
Some of the consequences of chronic stress are; a decrease in self-control, ability to learn, and in memory. So you begin to feel irritable, cranky, anxious, tensed, and distracted.

Things get to you a lot more than they normally would. You snap at every little thing. You can’t exactly avoid stressors, but you can manage them, so try to manage stress.

3.Love and Hate Have a Lot in Common:
Ever been in a position where you’re wondering why you can’t think clearly when you’re in love but see things better when you’re out of it? Or even how you’d give the best advice to your friend, but when you’re the one involved you seem to not know what to do?

Well, according to a discovery by British scientists, love and hate originate from similar brain areas. But unlike hatred, love significantly reduces the activity of the brain areas responsible for judgement and logical thinking. So maybe you might want to love a little and use hatred as a motivation to boost your brain power rather than committing havoc.

4.The Brain is Sensitive to Dehydration:
Because our brain is almost 80% water, even a moderate loss of about 26% of fluid can reduce concentration and vigilance and can lead to the deterioration of short term memory and other cognitive abilities.

5.The Brain Structure Changes with Pregnancy:
the last impression according to Vanessa is as important as the first impression, because it’s the take home, it’s how people remember you.

5.The Brain is Sensitive to Dehydration:
The amount of gray matter in the brain areas responsible for social cognition and ability to understand other people is reduced by pregnancy, scientists have discovered. However, this is necessary to strengthen the connection between the mother and child, and also helps the woman understand possible dangers to the needs of the child and possible external dangers.

6.Too Much Sugar Worsens Memory and Reduces the Ability to Learn:
According to scientists, excess sugar destroys neural connections in the brain, emphasising that industrially produced sugar is a lot more harmful. Concentration and information retention is largely affected by the level of fructose intake.

Too much of it in a diet slows down the brain and reduces the brain’s ability to learn. Products containing Omega-3 acids like nuts, fatty fish, fish oil, eliminates the consequences of this.

7.Romantic Love and Maternal Feelings are very Similar:
Maternal love activates the areas responsible for the formation of affection. Same way, passionate love activates the brain areas related to sexual arousal and the feeling of anxiety and the feeling of fear and anxiety decreases while that of euphoria increases.

8.Painting Improves the Work of the Brain:
Painting and examining artworks improves the interaction between brain areas while slowing its aging. A 2010 study by Reynolds on 32 retired women had them discuss their new-found interest in visual art, (painting, pottery, or textile art -weaving, quilting, embroidery for aesthetic not practical purposes-).

Phenomenological analysis of the interviews (based on guidelines by Smith & Osborn, 2003) indicated that art engagement enriched participants’ mental lives, set new challenges, developed new skills, encouraged greater attention to nature, and preserved their identities. A recurrent theme was the sensuality of working with colors and textures.

So you might want to take up painting as a leisure activity.

9.Reading Trains the Brain:
While reading, blood enters the areas responsible for concentration and cognition. According to Oxford scientists, reading trains the cognitive activities of the brain and activates the areas that aren’t used at other times. So consider reading a lot more often than you maybe normally do.

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