Top 10 Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers in 2022

Top 10 Celebs Who Ruined Their Careers in 2022

This year, many celebrities have managed to do what many never want to do. It's just that they'll probably never get a role again and for a variety of reasons.
But it can also be other professions than actors but many times it is just someone who is featured either on the internet or just in some movies or TV shows.

Ned Fulmer

This guy had his videos based specifically on his wife. They showed their beautiful life and did various interesting things that many others were also interested in, but after some time it turned out that Ned was cheating on his wife.
And then, of course, everything fell apart, especially their relationship. They were on their way to being a very popular couple but unfortunately Ned Fulmer spoiled that.

Kurt Zouma

This footballer was on one of the very good paths to becoming one of the many popular footballers, but that was until a video came out where he almost bullied his cat.

Fans were so really outraged and were absolutely ready to do anything to get him punished. Then the animal rescue association joined in and it was all downhill for the footballer.

Cuba Gooding Jr.

The man was taken to court for forcibly touching a woman at a nightclub in 2018. However, this was not the first time something like this has happened around his person.
In fact, up to now, 31 women have reported him for touching them violently and they didn't want it. So many fans were very disappointed as they grew up on his movies.

Fred Savage

This man has been accused of many different things, so it's not entirely clear why he was fired in the first place. However, after a few of these incidents, Fred Savage was parted ways with and fired from his position.

Will Smith

Perhaps everyone has heard about this incident where a very unexpected event happened at the film awards. Will Smith slapped a presenter who made an inappropriate joke about his wife.
So many people say that WIll Smith is already too naeged in this industry and think that nothing will break him, but many fans are very surprised and think the complete opposite about him. So let's see if he can come back to this brand and continue as before.

J.K Rowling

The creator of Harry Potter and other works around it has also managed to greatly disgust most of her fans. In fact, she has started posting all sorts of nonsense on her Twitter account and has also started changing the story of Harry and their other works to be utter perversions.
She also started showing very much how much she actually dislikes Transgender people and their position in society. She started tweeting all sorts of allegories about what they really are and what such people are like.

And that also stirred up a very huge amount of people and almost no one would say they agree with her views anymore.

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