Top 10 Greatest Archaeological Discoveries Ever

Top 10 Greatest Archaeological Discoveries Ever

There really is a lot of unspent stuff underground and even now you can find something that hasn't been seen for hundreds or thousands of years.
During all this time many different events happened after which various things or bones were also preserved around the world.
We have learned that there were dinosaurs at all because we have dug up various bones or preserved stones where there were various decals and other things.
Dinosaur bones are probably the rarest and least common thing you could dig up anywhere, but when you do, it's really a huge discovery.

Tutankhamun's Tomb

Everyone has probably heard of this one as it is one of the most famous excavations in existence. This huge discovery is one of the best and most significant for ancient Egypt and its overall understanding.
It's one of the very beautiful sites that's all painted but this part has hardly been painted at all. In this mound they found gold thrones and various other objects that were made only of gold.
Then there was even more in this tomb but for all of its interesting features you have to watch the video or go to the other pages where they discuss exactly what it is.


One day a young man was out for a walk with his dog and just because he was running after his dog who found something, he came across a huge cave that hadn't been seen in over 17,000 years.
When an opening was made into this cave, prehistoric paintings were found that showed roughly how long it had been since this cave was last seen.


This skeleton found in Ethiopia was not just a normal skeleton as it seemed at first sight. This skeleton was named Lucy because they were listening to the song Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
It was a huge discovery at the time as it was a completely new species called australopithecus afarensis and was around 3.2 million years old.
An amazing discovery like this is always something that shows you completely new insights and you can learn so much more about what it was like to live before it all started to be different.


There has been much speculation about whether the Trojan War ever really took place and whether a Trojan horse was ever really built. For many years it has been sought if there is any remnant of the city of Troy.
But when this was found, we knew immediately that the city of Troy was somewhere in our midst. It's probably a Turkish city, but conspiracy theories abound as to what kind of city it might have been.

But then it was discovered that Hisarlic, one Turkish city, is just Troy. After several different researches it was found out some serious information that this city is the former Troy and here the battle took place.
But it took a few hundred years before it was discovered that it was actually this city and that it probably wasn't destroyed at all.

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