The Scariest Places of Google Earth

The Scariest Places of Google Earth

Have you ever wanted to look at a place but don't have the money? On google earthYou can look almost anywhere in the world from the comfort of your couch.

But sometimes you come across places you don't even know what to think about, such as these places.

Pripyat Village - Ukraine
Probably everyone knows what happened at this place, but we will mention that a nuclear power plant exploded a short distance from this place and radiation spread.

It's sad to see how some cities like this turned out, and when we look at them from above on Google Earth, it's even sadder and also breathtaking.

The worst thing is when you realize that some places will never be the same as they used to be.

Linfen City - China
This city is known as the most polluted in the world because it is a fully industrialized city without environmental controls where people die very young from cancer and other fatal illnesses. The smog is so dense it obscures most of the images on Google Earth.

The Devil’s Face - Atlanta
Suddenly in a religious place in the USA one day a malicious place could be concealed in the surrounding area.

It was very scary and suspicious and the people in the area modified the terrain to literally erase it from the face of the earth

The Cave of Antarctica
A huge cave that no one has been able to explore yet, also because there is speculation that an opening was made in it by aliens.It is said that it was built so that the aliens could hide their ships there. Then there is another that there was a hidden German military base where they investigated hidden experiments.

The Blood Lake - Iran
One morning, the lake was blood red out of nowhere. Some thought it was due to radioactive pollution, but the other lakes around it were perfectly clean. The second consideration was that butchers began throwing their waste in there.

Censored Places
Most of the world is covered in nuclear energy somewhere farther from the cities, but we still can't see them on Google Earth because they are completely censored.

Nobody knows why they are covered and what other places are there, only our government.

Chittagong Port - Bangladesh
This is the most polluted place on earth and is also called Hell on earth. Ships all around the world are brought here and it is a complete graveyard. The water is full of oil, the air is toxic and the people live in the wrecks of the ships.

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