5 Unbelievable Shark Attacks That Actually Happened

5 Unbelievable Shark Attacks That Actually Happened

On every corner, you can hear how dangerous sharks are, while the ratio to other deaths is the absolute minimum. Yet such events have happened and we are going to talk about some.

SS Cape San Juan
A man named San Juan was a US troop and got transported by a Japanese sub.

After a while, an SOS came with a message saying the torpedoed ship is sinking fast then. The ship started sinking and he and his passengers leaped overboard with life jackets and rafts.

They tried to find the ship but they couldn’t find it until night, and the rescue was possible only after dawn. After they came closer they saw about 30 sharks menacing the survivors. The air gunner started shooting at them so the wounded sharks would be eaten first. After that everyone left was rescued but still, the sharks got almost 200 people.

Shirley Durdin
A girl named Shirley Durdin was diving only 7 ft in the waters in Australia. When a white shark bit her and ripped her in half.

Unfortunately, her husband and 4 children were watching it helplessly from the shore as the shark rips their mother in half. The rescuers were trying to retrieve the remains but they couldn’t reach them before the shark returned for the leftovers.

Pig Basket Atrocities
After the 1942 Battle of Java, some Australian and British troops headed to the hills to form a resistance while that was happening they got enraged and hunted down. The secret police then packed the soldiers into 1m long cages.

Then they were sent to the coast to wait on a boat. The boat then took the soldier and when they were in the shark-infested waters they threw them overboard.

Jersey Shore
In 1916 the people of Jersey were at the shore and they were overflowing the beach while trying to escape a big heatwave.

But instead of it helping them, they got worse because they just jumped into water where a white shark is and is ready to kill.

It began with the death of a bitten man being taken to a hotel where he succumbed to his injuries. 3 more people died and 1 was injured so almost every shark hunter wanted him dead.

USS Indianapolis
A USS ship was split in half by Japanese torpedoes but that wasn’t the biggest problem, the biggest problem was that the ocean was filled with hundreds of oceanic white sharks.

The ship didn’t fully sink, but the rescue operation happened almost 4 days later so about 580 people were devoured by the sharks.

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