There is an awful lot going on in the world every day, and every day something very scary happens to someone. You never know what can happen and in some cases you don't even know what you might have heard.
There are many cases that are very strange and scary but here we will show you the most interesting ones that have ever happened in the world.

Freaky Faces in Family Home

Very strange things were happening in one of the family's houses and all of a sudden a face appeared on the floor that was very recognizable indeed.
The wife noticed it immediately and so the husband went and repaved the floor so that the face could no longer be seen and the whole family could be more at ease and not have to notice a face even when strange things were happening.
However, a few days later the face reappeared and even more colourful. And even worse, more would start appearing in other places on the ground.
But this did not give the scientists enough time, and immediately after the family moved out, several human bones and parts were found under their house.
It's said that there was a burial ground there a long time ago, and that these may be the survivors of this cemetery. It was a Catholic cemetery, but after rebuilding, no one noticed that it was a cemetery as the headstones had been removed.

Weird Bird Formations Caught on Camera

In 2021 in Ireland, very strange formations of huge numbers of birds suddenly appeared in the sky. It seemed that the birds were from different species, as such a huge flock is not seen anywhere else.
But these birds were forming a giant bird pattern. It was truly amazing how they could think so wonderfully and make such a pattern.
It is not quite sure why this was so and what was behind it all, but such a moment was filmed by one of the very famous bird photographers.

Miracle Escape

One day the family was on the road driving back home from dinner in a huge storm. However, all of a sudden they noticed that a car nearby was almost completely flooded and that someone might be drowning in it.
The husband immediately saw the car floating forward and immediately wanted to help him in some way, as there was a woman named Charlene Herrera in the car.
But under tremendous pressure, many people ran in and tried to help her with all their might. All of a sudden, someone pulled the lady out and managed to save her.
What's strange about this is that when the car was pulled out of the water. It was all locked up and nothing was broken anywhere. And so the question is how did this woman get out of the car in the first place. And who actually pulled her out, since that person was never seen again either.

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