Top 10 Terrifying Places In Antarctica You Should NEVER Visit

Top 10 Terrifying Places In Antarctica You Should NEVER Visit

Ironically, you probably shouldn't visit them as something dangerous may happen to you or you may even lose your life.
Antarctica is a place where it is not so easy to survive because of the extreme cold and low temperatures. Still, there are many interesting and unexplored places on this land.

Deception Island

One of the Norwegian whaling companies had one of its fleet bases here. A tiny town was born there that worked for a while but then they abandoned it and all of a sudden it's like a ghost town.
Visitors are said to often see various orbs of lights and other strange anomalies or whatever you want to call them. Especially at the abandoned shacks.
They have also seen, for example, some figures in the distance or even various screams that sometimes sound human and sometimes like something else.

Wordie Hut

This hut was built for one of the scientists to observe various phenomena and other things that happen on the anktartica, but that was several decades ago.
Now there is talk that the hut is cursed and that it is haunted by various spirits or other higher powers. Paranormal hunters have decided to investigate this as well, and according to them, there was definitely something strange going on in this place.
Many times they picked up different signals and lights were going on and off as their group moved around.

Ghost Ship of Jenny

This ship had not been seen for a long time and was thought to be long gone. But it was found during a whaling trip and it was really shocking because all the bodies were frozen and completely preserved.

Mountains of Madness

There are also huge mountains that are almost as high as the Alps, but no one has ever actually seen them as they hide under a huge layer of ice that is about 3 miles long.

Ross Island

One of the most famous research bases in the world was located here. It was the most basic place where antartcica and other things around it were researched and not only that.
But there was also a very unpleasant incident where a plane was diverted by an unknown device out of nowhere and crashed into a mountain, killing about 240 people. Since then, there's been talk of some people hearing their voices when they pass that way.

Soviet Military Base

It may sound very strange but it is also said that there is a Soviet army base from the Second World War. Because all of a sudden there's a statue of Lenin standing almost exactly in the middle of the ground.

Mt. Erebus

An active volcano that is located in Antarctica, it is just where the lava is with the ice so that the outside is completely frozen but inside there is active lava that can erupt at any time.

The Drake Passage

Here The Atlantic and the Pacific ocean converge with the southern seas. And it is notorious for its waters. It is said that around 1,000 people have died trying to get through this place and experience such huge waves that can destroy absolutely everything.

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