10 Mummy Discoveries That SCARED Archaeologists

10 Mummy Discoveries That SCARED Archaeologists

There are several different discoveries of mummies and also evidence of why mummification and rituals were actually done. In fact, many times it was the various tombs or surviving temples that were searched for that were known about in advance.
But quite often something very unpleasant happened and something completely different than what was being looked for was found. This really scared the archaeologists, because they found something that they could not have expected.
Here we will show some of those discoveries that scared even the archaeologists, and there is something to be said for that, since these people have really seen almost all the bones in the world.

Lady Rai

It's amazing that you can see someone in such a well-preserved state after several thousand years, so it's not just about the art.
One of the oldest mummies is Lady Rai, who was about 30 to 40 years old when she died. She was a nurse to one of the most powerful queens in Egypt.
But what's upsetting is that this mummy's hair has been preserved in absolutely amazing condition until now, so it's easy to tell what kind of hair this person had. Her hair is like 1,000 years old.

Ramses II

This person was one of the most powerful leaders of ancient Egypt and also one of the most iconic. He was one of the longest living in their time, as he lived to be 90 years old. He is also said to have fathered about 100 children and we don't know if there were more.
But what was scary about him is how alive he really looked and archaeologists were afraid, despite everything they know, that he would rise from the dead.
This mummy also began to decay very quickly after its discovery, so it had to be airlifted to France and properly treated there.

King Tut

This tomb was one of the most extravagant ones archeologist had ever seen, all sorts of ancient treasures and jewelery were found within it. His funeral mask was really precisely made and was made of pure gold.
This mummy is, however, very famous and strange as it is said to have caused the man who opened it great misfortune. It is said that if you open an ancient tomb, you will be cursed forever.
The man who financed the opening of this tomb and was present when it was opened, however, died a few days after opening it from a simple mosquito bite. That's what's so strange about it, and so it's become a warning to many other archaeologists.

Crocodile Mummy

In ancient Egypt, animals were highly valued and had their own status. Crocodiles were on one of those higher ranks and so were highly valued and protected by many of the Egyptians.
This is why many archaeologists were not so surprised when a crocodile mummy was found that was still in perfectly preserved condition.
But what scared archaeologists was how huge the crocodile was compared to how big they are at this time. It was twice the size even though there wasn't a full body.

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