These Are Some of The Coolest Container Houses in The World

These Are Some of The Coolest Container Houses in The World

Humans are creative beings. In all spheres, you'll be mesmerized by the creative heights people reach. One of the most impressive to date is the idea of turning shipping containers into beautiful homes.

What type of creative genes will turn something bland like shipping containers to cool looking homes like you’ll see below?! Check out some of the coolest container houses in the world.

Container House, Austria

Made from 14 different containers slapped together, this beautiful edifice sits on a cliff overlooking the Otztal Valley in Austria. What’s even more impressive is that this edifice was assembled in just two days.

The container house is located in a cold region (Tyrol) in Austria and needed extra insulation to ensure the occupants don't freeze. It also utilizes state of the art interior décor, all of which took a matter of weeks to fully organize.

Container Build Group – Luxury Homes

Instead of splashing millions of dollars on regular ‘celebrity-style homes’, container build group offers people with luxurious taste a stellar alternative – container homes.

Container build group gives repurposed shipping containers glam makeovers that make them look like something your favorite A-list celebrity lives out of. Talk about living grandly in a shipping container.

25-Hours Hafencity Hotel

Who would have thought that your preferred getaway destination is a shipping container? Turns out that the 25-hours Hafencity hotel is a fully customized and decorated hotel made from shipping containers.

It has beautiful interiors with shared lounging, dining, and drinking area on the first floor. You also have lots of good views of the city from this container hotel.

You get fully catered service as a customer and the perfect weekend getaway in a once upon a time shipping container. Pure genius!

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