10 Disturbing Antarctic Discoveries No One Can Explain!

10 Disturbing Antarctic Discoveries No One Can Explain!

Antartica is one of the places where someone can't adapt. Still, it is one of the very interesting places because things happen here that many of us could not explain.
Despite the fact that Antarctica is basically just ice and a huge territory that is not fully explored, many explorers and adventurers go there in search of adventure or various discoveries that cannot be explained.
So we're going to show you 10 different discoveries that are unexplainable that are good to know exist and have been discovered.

Pyramid Mountain

In 2016, a satellite photo of a pyramid in Antarctica appeared on the internet and also became very popular. Many people think that it was created by a man either in ancient times or now. That maybe it's some ancient civilization that was able to adapt to these conditions, or maybe it's proof that Antarctica wasn't always so icy.
You can think a lot of things, but it hasn't been proven yet what it is and if there really was a civilization or if it's just a random object.

Gigantic Structure

The way the antartica is separated also allows that there could be several different mysterious missions or even bases about which at most some governments know.
There could also be various secret projects or tests that the public must not know about. And antartica creates exactly the right conditions for this. No one will go there anyway, because you can freeze to death in a matter of hours, days at most. You need technology that nobody has, so nobody comes to see it.
In 2012, a young man spotted some strange objects or buildings on Google Earth right on Antartica.

Secret Nazi Base

Many people also believe that there was also a very secret base in Antarctica that was almost as big as a city. It was called base 22 or New Berlin and if you are interested in something else you can certainly look up a lot of information on the internet that also tries to prove this as truth.

Lost Continent

According to scientists, there is another continent under the ice that is just covered by ice and has been hidden from us. It looks like it was a smaller continent before it split.

Penguin Mummies

Scientists were able to find something very strange in East Antarctica, and it was several different mummified penguins. What's behind it is a mystery.

Hidden Worlds

Many people also believe that there may be a new world under the ice. Since we can hardly get under it at all, we can't really explore what's underneath.
It's so high pressure and so cold that any technology we have can't cope with these conditions.

Map Of Piri Reis

This is a map that showed in which direction the Ottoman treasures and various valuables were hidden and it went on the coastline of Antartcic. However, it is a mystery how they could even know about Antartica when it was not mapped until 300 years later.

Bizarre Life forms

During the time it has been mapped there are also various new animals and organisms that we have never seen before. Because of the conditions there, organisms adapt and develop different senses.

Leidos Defense Company

There's talk of a research base being set up by Leidos. This company works with the government, the military and various very secret projects that the public simply must not know.

Operation Highjump

In 1946, an operation was ordered when over 4,000 troops, several aircraft and submarines were sent to the antartica. Until now, however, they are still trying to figure out why they were sent to this place in the first place and what actually happened or was happening there.

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