How To Master Any Skill (Become Top 1%)

How To Master Any Skill (Become Top 1%)

Mastering a new skill can be really daunting and demanding, so some people just don't bother trying because of how seemingly difficult and almost impossible it can be, but we’ve researched and here's some things that you can do to master any skill and become the best at it.

One of the first things you want to do is look up the skill that you want to pick. Research is a very good place to start. Understanding the intricacies of your skill of interest is very crucial.

To understand, you should read up on the nitty gritty of it; what others have done to perfect that skill, how much work they put in, possibly how they navigated the difficult part(s) of it, breakdown tricks/hacks around it -for instance are there hacks on how to do pullups- basically what it wholly entails. You can start gradually and build up. Read books on it, surf the internet, talk to experts.

They say makes perfect. According to an interview with Laido Dittmar, the easiest way to start massively improving is by adopting a completely different way of practicing. He suggests a 10:70:20 formula with the following steps;

• Warm up
• Move on to things that’s way past your limit
• Go back to the things you want to perfect

So 10% warm up, 70% trying out something beyond your abilities, and 20% revisiting things that you want to perfect. So yeah, 10:70:20. Going by this formula, you should spend a lot more time pushing your limits than staying in your comfort zone practicing old skills.

3.Set A Goal - Break It Down:
Another thing you should do is set a goal. This helps you build discipline -which by the way is one of the most vital things you need to perfect any skill.

After you set goals, break them to achievable, measurable bits. So it's like this yeah? you set a goal on what you want to achieve, and when. Say you’re looking to learn how to play chess, you can set a goal of playing at the National tournaments - the ultimate picture, the motivation for wanting to learn this skill.

Then go ahead to break down all you need to achieve this goal. To get to the National, you’d probably need to start at the community level, to the state level. Write down all the things you’ll need at each stage. You can look at the different components of the game like;

• Setup
• Movement (checkmate and checkmate, castling, en passant, promotion)
• End of the game (draw or win)
• Time control

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