These Places on Earth Are Mysteriously Mind-Boggling

These Places on Earth Are Mysteriously Mind-Boggling

There are places in the world so mysterious and mind-boggling that even scientists don't have concrete explanations about how they came to be. In this post, we'd be looking at some of these mystical locations on Earth that you should know.

The Eye of the Sahara
The eye of the Sahara also known as the Richat structure is a stretch in the Sahara desert which you won't see from ground level.
Astronauts exploring space have been fascinated by the view for decades and it was only discovered during the exploration of space and looking out for crater impacts on Earth.
The eye of the Sahara is believed to stretch over 25 miles and while no concrete answers as to how this rain-scourged mass came to be, several opinions are readily available, including it being the last remaining area of the lost city of Atlantis.

The Bermuda Triangle
This is probably the most common mystical place on earth that is still quite a puzzle. The Bermuda triangle is boarded by Miami, Porto Rico, and Bermuda. It has a long list of missing things from ships to planes and has resulted in quite the conspiracy theory as you would imagine.
The Bermuda triangle is a 500,000square patch of ocean that man may never be able to explore.

Magnetic Hill
The magnetic hill in Ladakh, India is another place where we're not sure if are ready for all that the Earth has in stock for us. The hill in Ladakh is believed to be gravity-defying and having a powerful magnetic pull that makes cars roll up the hill.
This magnetic hill kind of makes up equal down and vice versa. It has become a hotbed for tourists looking for something out of the ordinary to explore.

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