7 Reasons Why Introverts Are So Attractive

7 Reasons Why Introverts Are So Attractive

If you’ve ever wondered why people or even you find introverts attractive, here are some reasons why:

1. Self Aware: When you talk about knowing one's worth, you talk about introverts. Introverts know themselves, their value and what they worth. People really love people who know themselves.

2. Loyal: Introverts don't have a lot of friends. They keep their circle really small, but once you're in that circle, best bet they'd go lengths for you. They're very loyal to the people they keep close. Don't be mistaken though, introverts can hate as much as they've loved. Once you cross them by maybe betraying their trust, that's most likely the end of your relationship with them.

3. Active Listeners: Because they hardly talk, introverts come off as really attentive people. And people love to be listened to, they love to be paid attention to, to be heard. Introverts offer this, and that automatically makes them special.

4. Puzzling: Introverts are naturally distant thereby making it almost impossible to guess what they're thinking. They keep people wondering what their next move will be, this makes them seemingly attractive and somewhat cool.

5. Deep Thinkers: Introverts spend a lot of time alone with themselves introspecting. Reflecting on the world around, studying and trying to find reasons for certain things. Little wonder why they are brilliant. This makes them quite stunning.

6. Intimate Connections: You must be really special for an introvert to bring you into their world. They hardly form bonds and connections, but when they do, they must really like you. This can be rather charming.

7. They Are Easy to be Around: Surprised? Contrary to popular belief that Introverts are difficult and boring to be around with, introverts are actually quite easy to be with. You just need to make them comfortable with you.

There you go. Now you know why you find introverts attractive. 

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