These are Some Everyday Things Pilots Can't Do

These are Some Everyday Things Pilots Can't Do

There are huge perks attached to the job of a pilot like being able to see the world from at least 35,000 feet above the ground, experiencing different earth atmospheres, and the maximum admiration and respect from people.

However, there are some simple things pilots can’t do while flying a plane. I mean it wouldn't hurt playing yo-yo during the flight but no!

As a pilot, it is prohibited because the job is intense and needs serious focus and concentration to keep both the pilots and their onboard crew alive. Let's see some of the simple things pilots cannot do.

No Beard
Today, most grown men take pride in their beards but pilots have to adhere to this no beard rule for a simple reason – in case of an emergency.
Beards won't allow an oxygen mask to fit and work perfectly on the face and this might just endanger or reduce the chances of survival of the pilot.
In some countries, pilots are allowed to keep beards but it must be neatly shaved and kept reasonably low.

No Chit-Chat below 10,000 Feet
Most air accidents occur when the aircraft is at 10,000 feet or below and that is why there are strict rules, especially at this altitude range.
Pilots are prohibited from doing anything at all except controlling the plane and guiding it till it lands or climbs above the 10,000 feet altitude.

No Food Choices
Imagine a scenario where both pilots have a runny stomach because of their choice of meal – that will only speak disaster as there will be no one to mount the cockpit efficiently.
That is why to enjoy their favorite meals; pilots need to be fast in making their choices. This means that if one pilot picks fish, the other must make do with something else like meat – different meals entirely.

No Reading Books
For flight passengers, immersing themselves in an interesting book makes the journey worthwhile but this isn't the case for pilots.
Books are considered distractive and hence are prohibited for pilots while in flight. However, they are only allowed to scan through newspapers and short articles as these are considered less engrossing for the cockpit occupants.

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