10 Weird Two-Headed Animals

10 Weird Two-Headed Animals

Surely you have ever seen something with two heads and wondered how it is even possible. Some cultures consider two heads to be extremely rare, and some consider it cursed.

But we all agree on one thing: animals with two heads always look different.

10. Two-headed Turtles
There have been quite a few cases of turtles with two heads, but most of them have been on smaller turtles. It is unique to discover a larger turtle with such a mutation.

9. The Two-Headed Cardinal
Birds are one of the rarest creatures found with two heads. This is also because most birds and animals with this mutation do not survive in the wild.

But one day a female found a Two-Headed Cardinal but it had two beats as well.

8. The First of Its Kind
This has never been seen before, one day a fisherman caught something unusual. Unfortunately, it was already dead after being taken out of the ocean, and the fisherman thought that it was illegal to keep such catches, so he took a picture of it and threw it back into the water. Later scientists said that it was a baby two-headed Arbour Porpoise.

7. Lucky The Calf
One family gave birth to a wonderful little goat on the farm. However, they noticed that Lucky was not the same as the others, she had two faces but instead of having two heads.

6. The Goat From Kazakhstan
Another perfectly healthy goat appeared at this point, but again with one snag. She had two faces one only one head not like the goat before.

5. Markhor Goat
If you've ever seen an animal that looks like it has horns like a demon, it's probably this species. Interestingly, the horns can grow up to 1.6 meters, but that only applies to males because female horns can grow up only to 25 centimeters..

5. The Two-Headed Dragon
This lizard is the property of a man who is in the Guinness Book of Records because he owns the most two-headed animals in the world. He owns several double-headed lizards and always adds them.

4. Lambs
It's not that rare if we look anywhere we can find some double-headed lambs there but the farmers thought it was a blessing.

3. Two-Headed Little Pigs
One day in China, the master was happy that his pig gave life to other new pigs, but he noticed one that was something special. So it had two heads, or rather two faces, and people considered it very cute.

2. Bears and Snakes
One of these animals is a complete scam and it's just photoshop. Since the two-headed bear has not been seen anywhere in life yet, while the two-headed snake has been seen several times.

1. Two-Headed Cats
Sometimes they are beautiful and sometimes they look really weird, but still, a lot of people love them very much. One day a kitten was born which looked healthy at first glance, but after a while, you noticed that it had two faces.

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