Try These Simple Exercises To Get Rid of Those Love Handles

Try These Simple Exercises To Get Rid of Those Love Handles

Those stubborn fats on your lower belly and back which are known as love handles or spare tire can be truly annoying. We just need to find a way to get them off as soon as possible.

What if I said you could get rid of them in a week by doing these simple home exercises? Without wasting time, let's get to these workouts.

Jumping Burpees
Get into a pushup position and do one, then lift yourself back into a standing position, jump, swing your hands towards the ceiling, and clap. Quickly get back to the pushup position and repeat the action. Do 5 reps of 15 jumping burpeesdaily.

Bicycle Crunches
With your back on the mat and your body lying flat, raise your shoulders off the mat and move your legs in a bicycle-riding position. However, bring your right shoulder towards your left leg and vice versa. This helps work every unwanted love handles. Do 3 sets of 20 reps each day.

Kneeling Vacuum
Kneel with your bum on your heel and your shoulders pulled back and with your arms in line with your feet. Suck in your stomach and hold for 20 seconds. You may choose to cease your breathing or not interfere with it depending on what suits you. Do 3 reps daily.

Lie on your side with your hips raised so that your weight is on your elbow, directly beneath your shoulders. Stretch your legs out on each other and stretch your free arm to the ceiling. Hold this position for 30 – 60 seconds on each side before taking a break. Do at least 3 reps.

Lie on your stomach with your arms stretched in front of your head and legs stretched and level with the hips. Tense your belly muscles and then raise your right hand and left leg simultaneously. Hold this position for 3 seconds, drop the raised limbs, and do the same for the other limbs. Repeat at least 5 counts on each sideand do 10 reps.

The Russian twist
Sit on a mat with your legs slightly apart, while your back is upright. Raise your legs so they are slightly bent in midair at the knees and with your body slightly pushed back. Hold onto something, maybe a weight or gallon; twist your body and torso to the right. Hold that position for at least 3 seconds, return to the normal position and then twist to the left and hold for another 3 seconds. Do at least 15 counts on each side and at least 3 reps.

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