Top 10 Prohibited Prisons You Are Never Allowed To Enter

Top 10 Prohibited Prisons You Are Never Allowed To Enter

There are many different prisons in the world that are very scary and also very strict, many times they are so strict that you won't even look into them in your whole life.
A lot of times these prisons are used mainly for people who don't have any family anymore or they are not allowed to have access to them.
These are mostly people who are sentenced for life or prisons that have been abandoned for a long time, but so many horrible things have happened there that they would rather not let you in.
Each of these prisons are so heavily guarded that only a fool would try to gain entry. A lot of times they are also secret prisons that we don't even know where they are, but all we know is that they exist and sometimes who is in them.

Secret Ukrainian Prison

This prison is said to harbor suspects of supporting Russia during their wartime interactions in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea.
One of the men who was imprisoned there got out after 600 days of being held there. He also talked about what it was like there and what was really going on.
When he first arrived there he was told that for every bad question he was punched in the chest and so he knew he was in a very bad place where he was also tortured many times afterwards.

The cell he was in was really small and it was so cold that even the water that was in there was slowly turning to ice and because of that he just lost one of his kidneys.
Once he was operated on he was sent back to prison and was made to say that he supported the Russian mapping even though he didn't really do it.

Atlanta Prison Farm

This prison was set on fire in 2009 and the fire department didn't even care and didn't put it out at all and for many different reasons. Because there are so many hills around it and so it's impossible to get there at all.
That was because the people who were in the prison were going out to find and grow food and other resources. It was a place where there were too many people and there were also many war criminals imprisoned there. But many times there were also people who had very small sentences.

But once the prison was abandoned, many people went there and it was quickly said to be cursed by the souls of the prisoners who died there.
However, access to this prison is forbidden and anyone who has ever gone there has had access so be sure not to try to go without permission.

William Porter Reformatory

This prison was located in South Africa, and it was not just any prison, it was intended for younger prisoners. They were also kept in solitary cells because of the racial conditions.
Fortunately, this horrible place closed in 1910, but the sadness and the energy that was left behind is really huge, and many people have attested to that.

However, you can't go to the place without permission either and you'd better not go to Africa for this.

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