Checkout These Mythical-Looking Creatures That Actually Exist

Checkout These Mythical-Looking Creatures That Actually Exist

No matter how fearsome they look, most of the world's creatures look completely normal to us.
However, there are creatures you would see that look exactly like science fiction or like something straight out of a fairy tale. If you care to meet them, here are some of the mythical-looking creatures that exist in the wild.

Star-nosed Mole
The star-nosed mole looks like a crossbreed between a rat and octopus. It is one of the weirdest and deadliest animals on the planet.
This mammal looks like it emerged from an episode of Stranger Things but that's not all. Its star-nose has receptacles that help it identify its environment with fascinating details.
The 22-fingered nose helps it catch and devour its prey with efficiency (a quarter of a second), making the star-nosed mole one of the most efficient hunters in the world.

Vampire Deer
Not to worry, the vampire deer wouldn't try to suck your blood once you meet it out in the wild.
Male deer often grow horns on their heads but the vampire deer, which is a sub-species of the musk deer, instead of horns, grow fangs from their upper jaw. Only the male deer in this family have fangs which they use in competition for mating partners.
It was thought to be extinct but surprisingly, researchers spotted one in north-east Afghanistan. This animal is an endangered species because its musk-pod is used in expensive perfumery.

Tardigrades are very weird looking creatures and you may not or ever will see this animal in your lifetime – not because they are rare, but because of their very tiny size. You need a microscope to spot one.
Not only are they mythical looking, but tardigrades are also indestructible. These 1mm long creatures can halt their metabolism, allowing them to survive harsh environments like high mountains, deep oceans, and scorching deserts.
This ability makes these creatures hard to kill because researchers found they can endure poison, dehydration, extreme pressure. This creature was frozen for 30 years and revived as if nothing happened.

Is it a zebra or a giraffe? The okapi possesses stripes that make it look like a zebra as well as a long neck that resembles that of a giraffe.
This animal, commonly found in Congo, has qualities that help it to survive as well as defend itself from predators.

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