Do These Things to Survive if You Get Stranded on an Island

Do These Things to Survive if You Get Stranded on an Island

You probably have read stories of people who have gotten stuck on an island. People like Ed Stafford, a former British Army Captain who spent 60 days on a deserted island. Australia’s David Glasheen who spent 20 years on an island. British author Lucy Irvine who spent 1 year on an uninhabited island to write her book “Cast Away”.

But have you ever imagined how they managed to survive? Or what would become of you if you got stranded on an island? Here are some essentials for if you find yourself in such situation.

1. The Magic Number: Three is the magic number. How so? According to experts;
- You can last 3 days without water
- You can last 3 weeks without food
- 3 minutes without air or in icy water;
- 3 hours to establish base; you can only survive 3 hours without shelter. So best to build a base within this timeframe.
- 3-Second Rule to Taking Action; Give yourself just 3 seconds. With 3 seconds, you're not giving yourself enough time to overthink things. It's easier for your brain to easily act if you no longer have to get over any mental snag, or make any decisions.

2. Be Mindful of the Beach: There are high chances of dehydrating quickly due to the scorching sands (which will also be the driest part of the island). You should also look out for sandflies (which could be infected), and the wave pattern.

3. Food: Interestingly, this is like the least of worries. You can get enough food supplies from the jungle. You just need to be weary of some things;
- Plants with leaves in groups of three.
- Shiny leaves = danger.
- Mushrooms; many of them are highly toxic and not worth the risk. Spit it out if it tastes bitter or soapy.
- Beans or plans with seeds inside a pod.
- Plants with white or yellow berries.

4. Fire: You’ll need fire to keep warm, cook, signal for help (with smoke), and sterilise water. How then do you light a fire without matches?
- Focus lens through sunlight
- Place dry leaves on a piece of tree barks, then roll a stick between your hands to cause heat friction between the stick, tree bark, and leaves to start a flame.

5. Remain Calm and Positive: Because panic can lead to loss of control, you need to stay calm. Take deep breaths while reassuring yourself you’ll find help soon. Stay positive even though help does not come as soon as you would want.

6. Invent a Friend: Find something that can keep you company/distract you, and befriend it. Creepy much, but it could be a tree, a bird, or other things. Key thing is to find a companion so you don’t feel isolated or go insane.

In summary, you need to stay calm and positive, stay hydrated, make a fire, find edible food.

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