10 Notorious Crime Stories of 2022

10 Notorious Crime Stories of 2022

Things have been happening over the years and crime has also increased a lot, but it depends on what country you are in.
There have also been a lot of different muggings or deaths in 2022 that are still being investigated and it is not known who was who and what really happened.
In these cases, we will show some of the most famous ones but we will not focus on any international conflicts such as with Russia or others.

Writer of “How To Murder Your Husband” Was arrested for murder

The writer who wrote this work murdered her husband and probably wrote her book accordingly. It's a very strange case in which it was almost immediately clear who the culprit was.
A few days before, she had published a work called "How to Kill Your Husband", and therefore it immediately became clear that she was the one behind it.

The family was having money problems and her husband was carrying a very large insurance policy that would have been enough to complete her life. But she was not so young anymore and so it is still a mystery why she did it. Anyways, she was locked up for life.

Rainbow Fentanyl Drug Bust

It was a very good discovery and crackdown when the DEA seized over 300,000 different colored fentanyl pills in the Bronx.
This is also because fentanyl has become very popular and this has also led parents to worry about their children taking something like this.
It was so amazing that the DEA seized such a huge amount of these pills and that they've definitely put the production of them on hold a little bit longer because of their work.

Art Targeted in Climate Protest

In various places, images were defaced with tomato sauce, for example, and various people were filmed. In London and then again in Germany, they threw, for example, mashed potatoes on the paintings, which completely devalued the works, and then it was actually mainly to express their disapproval of how expensive these paintings could actually be. And mainly because the Climate and human rights.

Officers Charged in Breonna Taylor Case

One day these officers were kicking down the door of the very Breonna Taylor where her boyfriend was still located.
Her boyfriend didn't hesitate to shoot, hitting one of the officers in the leg, and then they shot back 32 times, killing Taylor. It was a very sad moment when an innocent girl died because of the police officers.
In the end, they were not proven to be real cops and her boyfriend couldn't know if they were really rioters or police, so he was right to shoot.
Especially seeing that so many rounds were missing from the cop's magazines it was pretty clear how many shots could actually kill someone else.

Seditious Conspiracy Charges

The management of thoseco events were given very nasty punishments and were punished for Seditious Conspiracy. However, the highest punishments were given to those who also participated in the Riot that was taking place.

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