3 HIDDEN COUNTRIES (You've Never Heard Of!)

3 HIDDEN COUNTRIES (You've Never Heard Of!)

There are about 195 countries in the world, so it’s very possible to not know all these countries. We’re going to be introducing you to three countries you’ve probably never heard of.

Formerly Ellice Island, Tuvalu is a country in the South Pacific Island with the population of about 10,000 people. This country is composed of nine small coral islands scattered in a chain lying approximately northwest to southeast over a distance of 420 miles (676 km). On the country’s economy, according to Britannica;

“Most Tuvaluans are subsistence farmers and are aided by remittances from relatives working overseas. A small quantity of copra is produced for export, the sale of stamps accounts for modest earnings, and fees are collected from foreign fishing fleets, but the country depends heavily on foreign aid.

It imports most of its food, fuel, and manufactured goods. Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are among the country’s major trade partners. Retailing is handled by community-based cooperative societies. Tuvalu uses Australian currency but also issues its own coinage. There is a single bank, a joint government-commercial venture.”

There’s only one prison in the country. If you think of it deeply, you’d see it makes sense, because who would want to steal from their neighbors? Everyone knows everyone, so it’s pretty difficult to commit any crime knowing you’d be fished out in no time. Sadly, this country is currently sinking, and if nothing is done early to save it, the residents will be forced to leave the island.

Colonised by France and located in the South Eastern Coast of Africa, between Mozambique, Madagascar, and Tanzania, this country is the 170th smallest country in the world with a current population of 891,738 as of July 3, 2021.

There are no ATMs in the country for cash transactions, and Islam is the dominant religion. Most Comorons speak languages -French, Shikomoro, and Arabic- fluently. The country houses the biggest active volcano in the world called Mount Karthala. Other things you’d find here are; beaches, rolling mountains, coconut trees, and a salt lake.

One of the top 5 expensive countries in the world, and the most expensive in Africa. The country is highly securitized, because it is the hub for foreign military bases with the U.S, France, Italy, Japan, and China all having massive facilities in the country.

Djibouti’s official languages are French and Arabic. Some of the things the country is popularly know for include;

• Lake Asal
• Khor Ambado Beach
• Place Menelik
• Arta Beach (Arta)
• Day Forest National Park
• Hamoudi Mosque (Djibouti City)
• Lake Abbe (Ethiopia – Djibouti border)

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