How To Sell A Product in 2021 - 5 Practical Strategies To Sell Anything

How To Sell A Product in 2021 - 5 Practical Strategies To Sell Anything

Whether agriculture, education, legal, finance, technology, or whatever the industry you find yourself in, one of the most important skills you have to learn is "selling". By selling, we need just refer to selling a product, but also a service, yourself. You need to be able to learn to sell, and not just selling products or services, but also selling yourself, your skill. In today’s world where everything is moving so fast and there are varieties with just a few clicks, you want to set yourself apart from the rest, and you do this by understanding the science behind selling. We’ll be sharing 5 proven ways to sell anything in this article:

Without bragging or being boastful, establish your role of authority in the subject matter, let the person you’re relating with know exactly why you’re the best guy for the job or why they should buy the product from you and not the vendor next door. Prove your worth. Exude confidence. You have to be able to show that you have enough knowledge about the product or service, You can do this through;

• Endorsements/testimonials
• Credentials/certifications
• Creating authority content
• Share your years of experience in the subject matter
• Highlighting your experiences that were successful, and yes, a little on your adversities and how you surmounted them.
• Share your accomplishments, tying it to the case.

Command Likeability:
There’s a tendency for people to buy from you when they like you than when they don’t. The more they like you, the higher your chance to close the sale. So why not make your prospects like you? We know the question you might be asking is “how do I make anyone like me?” Truth is, some people can be quite really hard to please, but some ways you can command likeability is to:

• Start a conversation; while talking, look for and leverage common grounds. Talk about what you have in common, rather than jumping into talking about your product/service first..
• Give a compliment
• Offer to help
• Share if need be
• Be kind/nice; smile

According to CXL, Scarcity is the phenomenon where, when a product or service is limited in availability (or perceived as being limited), it becomes more attractive. The less available a product is, the more people tend to want it. People like to have that special feeling that they’re using a unique product that not everyone is using. It’s why people would quickly buy limited edition products.

Loss As A Motivation; The more you think you might lose out on a product, the higher your chances of purchasing it, just because you don’t want to miss out. So maybe instead of highlighting the benefits of using the product, you can talk about what they might be losing by not using it. Use the Limited Number, and Deadline tactic.

Give And Take:
Without seeming expectant, give. The idea is to win the person over by giving willingly to them. Be the first to give. Nice gestures are always appreciated and once you are able to extend a hand of friendship by giving, then they are most likely to feel obligated to return the favour.

You can leverage on Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) by giving your products to them to try out, after they’ve used it for a period of time, chances are they will not want to let go of the product or service because of how much they’ve become used to it, so at that point where they’re more confident in the product/service, they can make a purchase.

Principle of Social Proof:
Talking about the benefit of your product is great, but what’s even greater and more compelling is showing it’s use cases and the numbers.

Let people know that others are using your products and also show if possible, how they enjoy using it. People tend to want to use something if they see that others are using it.

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