7 Most Wonderful Natural Phenomena In The World

7 Most Wonderful Natural Phenomena In The World

Nature can be really amazing, but it can also be very scary, especially when it's on a really big scale.
Water, air, earth and other elements of the earth are almost always in motion and so various even strange phenomena occur. All these phenomena are natural, but man can also create various ones himself, and it is usually very difficult to reproduce something absolutely similar.

Morning Clory Clouds

Only in one of the places do they appear more frequently and it can be predicted that they could still appear and mate there as often as possible. That one place is the Gulf of Carpentaria.
However, these clouds are very interesting in that they are only a few metres above the ground and so can appear as a huge smog. Quite often they also just roll in and look like huge waves or maybe a huge carousel that ripples across the sky.

Blood Rain

Bloody or red rain is what it is called when it starts to rain red rain. It doesn't occur very often but it is quite common in some places in some countries.
It can sound very scary and if it started raining red I'm sure you'd think it was blood or something very strange too.
It's not a harmful rain though, it's usually only coloured because of some plant varieties. The rain is just coloured, but otherwise it's not really different.

The Great Blue Hole

It is a giant marine sinkhole which looks just totally out of this world. It's basically in the ocean about 70km from proper land, and there are several different stories about it.
It was made famous by a diver named Jacques Cousseau who declared it one of the top 5 scuba diving sites in the world.

The Bright Red Lake Natron

This beautiful red river is located in Tanzania and is around 55km long and 22km wide. This river can reach up to 140 fahrenheit as it is located right next to a volcano.
Scientists say that there is a large amount of salt and minerals in the water and because it is right next to the volcano it is bright red and also has a high PH level.

The Sailing Stones

These stones, which are often called traveling stones, are found pretty much all over the world but mostly in Death Valley National Park in Calfiornia.
These stones simply move on their own, creating a path behind them from their movement. However, it has never been possible to determine exactly why the stones are moving. There was talk of wind, but nobody wanted to believe that such huge stones could be moved by wind.
So until now, it is not known what is behind it and why these stones move, creating a beautiful little path behind them and sometimes even turning.

The Eternal Flame Falls

This fire burns in the exact recess of the waterfall and has never been extinguished, no one knows exactly why it sticks exactly under the waterfall but it is there beautifully.

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