Top 10 Creepiest Places on Earth That Can't Be Explained

Top 10 Creepiest Places on Earth That Can't Be Explained

Sometimes we find places on earth that are completely inexplicable and therefore very scary.

10. Catatumbo Lighting Storm
In Venezuela in the center of the Katatumbo river, the weather is not as you would expect. This phenomenon happens about 140-160 per year and it is almost always at night.

There is a lot of theories but it still remains unresolved.

9. The Hesdalen Lights
Since the 1930s there have been strange lights appearing in the sky above Hesdal. Some people think that this is evidence of aliens, but so far no one has figured out what it is and why it appears there.

8. The Richat Structure
In Sahara is a strange series of concentric geological rings and since then there are theories like an impact crater to a lost city of Atlantis.

Scientist’s theory is that it was originally a naturally formed volcanic dome that collapsed a long time ago or a meteor.

7. Devil’s Kettle
There is a waterfall in Minnesota that divides at the end into two streams, one continues further into the lake, but the other is not yet known where it really flows. But there are some other theories that refute this one.

6. Shanay-Timpishka
In Peru, deep in the Amazon rainforest, there is one of the least common rivers in the world. It is unusual in that its temperature reaches up to 90 degrees Celsius and any animal that enters it will start cooking live.

5. Crooked Forrest
In the crooked forest, according to his name, are crooked trees whose trunk turns north just off the ground.

4. Moguicheng
Moguicheng is translated to the City of the Devil and is in a desert region with most stones that has shapes that resemble castles and demons.

3. Kokomo Hum
In the united states in Indiana, citizens of the city claim that they hear a sound and it terrorizes them. But there are several places where people hear the same but maybe lower-pitched sound.

2. Fairy Circles
In the desolate grasslands of Namibia, there are random circles in grass and no one can really tell what did them. This phenomenon can be found almost everywhere in the world.

1. Movile Cave
In Romania, on the Black Sea coast, there is a cave into which no ray of light has shone for several million years, and there is a completely different ecosystem than the surface. There are different bugs and animals that cannot be found anywhere else on the earth.

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