Top 10 Most Haunted Forests In the World

Top 10 Most Haunted Forests In the World

Let's look at forests that are known throughout the globe for their haunting stories for a very long time. There is a legend about all these forests, but no one knows if the truth is really true.

10. Dering Woods
Visitors talk about several situations when they heard a terrible scream from the forest. That is why this forest is also called the Screaming Woods.

It is located in Pluckley Kent which should be the most haunted village in Britain.

9. Pocomoke State Forest
This forest is located in Maryland in Pocomoke city and the locals are warning that the forest shouldn't be entered at night.

For over 200 years, stories about crying children and screaming women have appeared here.

8. The Island of The Dolls
In Mexico city is an abandoned island littered with dolls and it looks like a scene from a horror movie. They have been there since 1950 when the owner decided to hang dolls everywhere to ward off evil forces.

7. Wychwood Forest
This forest located in England is claimed to have been inhabited since 3000 BC. It is said that the forest is haunted by the wife of Earl of Essex Robert Dudley.

6. Dao Hill of Kurseong
In India there is a forest which houses many evil and paranormal activities. Such as a headless boy or red eyes appearing differently in the dark.

5. Devil’s Tramping Ground
Is a place right in the middle of the forest and it represents a circle where nothing grows and is a popular camping spot.

But the stories claim that this is the location where the Devil comes out of the earth and brings evil into the earth.

4. Hoia-Baciu Forest
This forest which is located in Romania is a very popular place. It is said to be a Romanian Bermuda triangle due to marvelous circumstances and also to be a portal to the soul world.

3. Epping Forest
We are in England again. Between Essex and London there is a huge forest, which, just because of its location, has been transformed into one of the most crimile places due to several people being killed. It is also known as a burial ground for murder victims.

2. Black Forest
This is not just a forest but it is a whole mountain range located in Germany. Due to its huge area and history, the forest is considered a place with several legends and several paranormal phenomena. There is also talk of magical fairies.

1. Freetown State Forest
Although this forest is really beautiful and there are some really amazing places, it is still associated with a number of occult rituals. Which represent animal sacrifice and are also located in the so-called BridgeWater triangle where new paranormal phenomena appear every second.

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