What Will Happen if You Switch To Other People's Habit?

What Will Happen if You Switch To Other People's Habit?

My normal morning routine was to wake up, rush into the bathroom, brush my teeth, run through breakfast, and slide off to work but it got so boring and I lost interest in everything.

On this fateful day, my unorganized morning life ruined my productivity in the office and messed up my presentation and I decided that enough was enough. After scorching the internet, I stumbled on - and decided to switch to the millionaire morning routine and it changed my life.

Waking Up Earlier
Most renowned world shakers like Tim Cook and Richard Branson amongst others are all known to be early birds and so to help me achieve great things like they did, I'd had to adjust my alarm back to 5:30 am.
This way I had enough time to plan out my day, energize myself for the tasks ahead and the next part of this experiment which is meditation.

Meditation for the first one week wasn't easy for me as I hadn't done it before. However, it was a great way of helping me connect with myself and finding harmony from within.
Breathing was the perfect meditation exercise for me and while I relaxed, I took time to think about my dreams and the fastest way to achieve them.
This worked immensely for me both psychologically and physically as I was so relaxed to the point of falling asleep right in the middle of my meditation.

Quick Workouts and a Cold Shower
Workouts are important to keep the body and mind in perfect shape for the daily tasks and it was an integral part of my experiment.
I also incorporated a cold shower into my morning routine right after my workout because, despite the thought of it being horrifying, a cold shower helps quicken your heart rate so blood flows to every part of your body as well as helps to clear your mind.

To-Do Lists and Time Management
This is one of the most important sections of my experiment. Immediately I jumped out of the shower and got ready for work, I took time to draft a to-do list, both personal and work goals.
As time passed, I added other goals and it helped me keep track of my productivity. I also added time management to the mix meaning I spent more of my time being productive and living my best life at the same time.

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