4 Powerful Techniques to Increase Your IQ

4 Powerful Techniques to Increase Your IQ

Many people believe that IQ is a constant, once you’ve had or you have a low ID, then that’s final, there’s no hope. But that’s not true. A bad grade doesn’t make your intelligence predetermined or final.

As you mature, parts of your brain responsible for learning and memory develop too at different rates, depending on how you nurture them. While nature plays a role, your intelligence however, depends on you. We’re sharing four techniques in this article that can help you develop your IQ.

1.Independent Studies:
All the information you need is out there, including resources to help you navigate the subject matter. All you need to do is search. Take advantage of the internet of things (IOTs). There’s hardly anything you’d search for that you will not find answers to, from different sources even.

If you want to increase your IQ, you’re responsible for your own education. So stay disciplined to self learning. When you know a wide variety of subjects, your brain processes information in more innovative ways. Each and every time you learn something new, your cognitive abilities will grow a little bit higher.

2.Musical Training:
A 1998 in the journal of scientific correspondence revealed that adults who played musical instruments were better learners than almost anyone else. After reading and memorizing music, adults with musical training demonstrated fantastic verbal memory. Their verbal skills significantly outperformed everyone else in the study. They’re also not bad visual learners.

So if you’re a musical instrument learner, you may become proficient in both visual and verbal information assimilation. The more diverse ways you’re able to learn, the more your brain can process information better than the average human, understanding subjects from different angles.

Another study from the journal of Neuroscience in 2009 found that music reconstructs the brain; Brain Plasticity. It’s also emotionally and creatively stimulating. What are you waiting for?

3.Strengthening Your Heart:
A 2009 study published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America discovered the close relationship between intelligence and athleticism.

The study showed that physical and intellectual performance go hand-in-hand. Physical fitness is a great way to increase your IQ. In the study, participants with strong cardiovascular systems were some of the most intelligent, because your brain needs oxygenated blood to think, process, and retain information, and the heart supplies the brain with this oxygenated blood. Also, the heart communicates with the brain in different ways. So you need physical fitness to increase your intelligence.

4.Mastering A New Language:
Through language we’re able to communicate; share ideas, philosophies, history, stories. People who understand language excel socially and professionally. According to a Neuroimage journal 2012 study, it was discovered that bilingual adults have a huge neurological edge over adults who speak only one language.

Learning a new language challenges specific regions of the brain on a regular basis, forcing those regions to expand. Adopting a new language leads to a higher concentration of brain matter in both Hippocampus (controls learning) and Frontal Lobe (moderates problem solving and language comprehension).

So pick up that language you’ve always wanted to learn, and start expanding your brain and IQ. This is not to say that these techniques are easy, no. In fact,they require a lot of time, hardwork, and perseverance. Incorporate these techniques into your daily routine and watch your intellect take a turn for the best.

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