Top 10 Celebrity Scandals You've Never Heard Of

Top 10 Celebrity Scandals You've Never Heard Of

Many celebrities enjoy and also do various stupid things which also create scandals which are then dealt with by the general public.
Accordingly, people also make an image of various celebrities and can then think of them in their own way. However, many times these scandals are not just such stupid things, they can also be very ugly and bad things that the celebrity has done.
However, this list has pretty much all of it on it, so we'll jump right into our top 10 celebrities.

Chuck Berry

This man has also been called the father of rock and roll which influenced a lot of listeners but also musicians.
However, one year he decided to quit and bought some restaurants that were located on the Missouri. To the amazement of many of his employees, this was when cameras were found in private places where they were never allowed to be.

About 200 women filed criminal charges against him for violating their right to privacy. And even though he claimed he never did anything like that, he was found guilty and had to pay about $1.2 million in retribution.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a pop star that almost everyone knows. He has been bringing his music for several years now and more generations know who he is.
But one day, Bruno Mars was caught by the police for drug possession. When he was in one of the casinos in Las Vegas, he was found to be in possession of various substances.

He was then found guilty as he immediately claimed that everything was true and so he had to pay some compensation of several thousand dollars and then he also had to atone for it in community facilities.

Charlie Chaplin

Everybody has heard of this man and everybody who has seen his films at least once remembers them.
However, many people didn't know that Charlie Chaplin also found younger girls very attractive. Three of his engagements were even to minors. And that was even though he was well into his adult years.
Before that it was a different story and hardly anyone cared, so despite all his scandals he was still nominated for an Oscar several times and even knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

May West

This woman created an actress who showed how amazing she was and was also very attractive and sexy. She was one of the most attractive actresses and seduced so many men.
However, this woman was an actress and not a porn actress and so one day she decided to make her debut on one of their shows. This didn't turn out too well as it was too sexual for many people and there was too much stuff that shouldn't have been there, so it was also suspended by the police for 3 days.

She also did a show about the Gay community and that was still very controversial at the time and that's why there was also talk about how she could even do something like that.

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